An Acoustic Analysis of /r/ in Tyrolean

Vincenzo Galatà, Lorenzo Spreafico, Alessandro Vietti, Constantijn Kaland

This paper offers a preliminary contribution to the phonetic description and acoustic characterization of /r/ allophony in Tyrolean dialect, an under-researched South Bavarian Dialect spoken in the North of Italy. The analysis of target words containing /r/ in different phonotactic contexts, produced by six Tyrolean female speakers, confirms the high degree of intra-speaker variation in the production of /r/ with a uvular place of articulation. The distributional analysis of the allophones in our sample shows a preference among all the speakers for a fricative manner of articulation followed by approximants and taps and, to a lesser extent, by trills (with a very small amount of vocalized variants). These results are in line with previous research in the South-Tyrolean community. Due to the high variability of rhotic sounds, we further investigate and report on some of their shared acoustic features such as duration across the different phonotactic contexts and Harmonics-to-Noise Ratio for the different allophones attested.

DOI: 10.21437/Interspeech.2016-434

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Galatà, V., Spreafico, L., Vietti, A., Kaland, C. (2016) An Acoustic Analysis of /r/ in Tyrolean. Proc. Interspeech 2016, 1002-1006.

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