A French Corpus for Distant-Microphone Speech Processing in Real Homes

Nancy Bertin, Ewen Camberlein, Emmanuel Vincent, Romain Lebarbenchon, Stéphane Peillon, Éric Lamande, Sunit Sivasankaran, Frédéric Bimbot, Irina Illina, Ariane Tom, Sylvain Fleury, Éric Jamet

We introduce a new corpus for distant-microphone speech processing in domestic environments. This corpus includes reverberated, noisy speech signals spoken by native French talkers in a lounge and recorded by an 8-microphone device at various angles and distances and in various noise conditions. Room impulse responses and noise-only signals recorded in various real rooms and homes and baseline speaker localization and enhancement software are also provided. This corpus stands apart from other corpora in the field by the number of rooms and homes considered and by the fact that it is publicly available at no cost. We describe the corpus specifications and annotations and the data recorded so far. We report baseline results.

DOI: 10.21437/Interspeech.2016-1384

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Bertin, N., Camberlein, E., Vincent, E., Lebarbenchon, R., Peillon, S., Lamande, &., Sivasankaran, S., Bimbot, F., Illina, I., Tom, A., Fleury, S., Jamet, &. (2016) A French Corpus for Distant-Microphone Speech Processing in Real Homes. Proc. Interspeech 2016, 2781-2785.

author={Nancy Bertin and Ewen Camberlein and Emmanuel Vincent and Romain Lebarbenchon and Stéphane Peillon and Éric Lamande and Sunit Sivasankaran and Frédéric Bimbot and Irina Illina and Ariane Tom and Sylvain Fleury and Éric Jamet},
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