Silent-Speech Command Word Recognition Using Electro-Optical Stomatography

Simon Stone, Peter Birkholz

In this paper that accompanies a live Show & Tell demonstration at Interspeech 2016, we present our current speaker-dependent silent-speech recognition system. Silent-speech recognition refers to the recognition of speech without any acoustic data. To that end, our system uses a novel technique called electro-optical stomatography to record the tongue and lip movements of a subject during the articulation of a set of isolated words in real-time. Based on these data, simple articulatory models are learned. The system then classifies unseen articulatory data of learned isolated words spoken by the same subject. This paper presents the system components and showcases the silent-speech recognition process with a set of the 30 most common German words. Since the system is language-independent and easy to train, the demonstration will also show both training and recognition of any other words on demand.

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Stone, S., Birkholz, P. (2016) Silent-Speech Command Word Recognition Using Electro-Optical Stomatography. Proc. Interspeech 2016, 2350-2351.

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