Remeeting — Deep Insights to Conversations

Allen Guo, Arlo Faria, Korbinian Riedhammer

Remeeting is a cloud service that helps you get insights to (spoken) conversations. Audio and video data such as recorded meetings, online conferences, sales or customer success calls are processed using speaker separation and identification, speech recognition and indexing, and an automated keyword analysis. The resulting annotated “documents” can be shared with others and reviewed using a web app that acts as a visual index to the meeting. Furthermore, the extracted metadata is index by a search engine to allow for efficient cross-document search. A powerful query DSL allows the user to make sophisticated queries such as “what did X say about topic Y in the first quarter of this year” or “show me the keywords for all meetings where X and Y attended”. Similar to retrieval, a watchdog can be set to deliver real-time insights to operations. Use cases include productivity in meetings, compliance and policies, real time callcenter analytics and better accessibility of large archives.

Remeeting is leveraging, promoting and contributing to open source projects including Kaldi, Elasticsearch and Docker.

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Guo, A., Faria, A., Riedhammer, K. (2016) Remeeting — Deep Insights to Conversations. Proc. Interspeech 2016, 1964-1965.

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