MIVOQ-PTTS - A Revolutionary New Way of Thinking TTS

Piero Cosi, Giulio Paci, Giacomo Sommavilla, Fabio Tesser

MIVOQ-PTTS is a new TTS project whose goal is to offer innovative services suitable for creating and using personalized synthetic voices. Users can autonomously create their own synthetic voices by accessing a web interface and recording some sentences; the voice creation procedure do not require any other human intervention. In this work we will introduce MIVOQ-PTTS main ideas and we will illustrate the current state of development of its first web demonstrator.

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Cosi, P., Paci, G., Sommavilla, G., Tesser, F. (2016) MIVOQ-PTTS - A Revolutionary New Way of Thinking TTS. Proc. Interspeech 2016, 3888-3889.

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