Early Vocabulary Development Through Picture-based Software Solutions

Kasthuri G, Prabha Ramanathan, Hema Murthy, Namita Jacob, Anil Prabhakar

Assistive technology enables children with disabilities to gain access, function independently and take advantage of schooling and social opportunities[1]. The need for alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) in all children is not the same[2] but AAC can aid in expressive language and also support intelligible speakers in developing and using communication skills in varied situations. While the range and flexibility of AAC has grown over the years, making devices accessible to children at varied economic and regional backgrounds, is still a challenge. KAVI-PTS is designed as a picture-to-speech Android application and has been made available in several Asian languages. This application is conceived of as an inexpensive software alternative to communication charts. It can be easily configured to adjust contrast levels and customize selection modes, enabling children to have access to a tailor-made communication solution.

Cite as: G, K., Ramanathan, P., Murthy, H., Jacob, N., Prabhakar, A. (2018) Early Vocabulary Development Through Picture-based Software Solutions. Proc. Interspeech 2018, 1487-1488.

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