Elpis, an Accessible Speech-to-Text Tool

Ben Foley, Alina Rakhi, Nicholas Lambourne, Nicholas Buckeridge, Janet Wiles

Elpis is a speech-to-text tool which has been designed to give language workers, including linguists and speech scientists, access to cutting-edge automatic speech recognition software, without the specialist training typically required to run these systems. Our presentation would demonstrate local and server-based versions of Elpis using sample data from the Abui (ISO 639: abz) language, about 17,000 speakers in Indonesia. Attendees would gain a sense of the benefits that a first-pass ASR transcription can bring to transcription workflows.

Cite as: Foley, B., Rakhi, A., Lambourne, N., Buckeridge, N., Wiles, J. (2019) Elpis, an Accessible Speech-to-Text Tool. Proc. Interspeech 2019, 4624-4625.

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