Robust Sound Recognition: A Neuromorphic Approach

Jibin Wu, Zihan Pan, Malu Zhang, Rohan Kumar Das, Yansong Chua, Haizhou Li

Humans perform remarkably well at sound classification that is used as cues to support high-level cognitive functions. Inspired by the anatomical structure of human cochlea and auditory attention mechanism, we present a novel neuromorphic sound recognition system that integrates an event-driven auditory front-end and a biologically plausible spiking neural network classifier (SNN) for robust sound and speech recognition. Due to its event-driven nature, the SNN classifier is several orders of magnitude more energy efficient than deep learning classifier, therefore, it is suitable for many applications in wearable devices.

Cite as: Wu, J., Pan, Z., Zhang, M., Das, R.K., Chua, Y., Li, H. (2019) Robust Sound Recognition: A Neuromorphic Approach. Proc. Interspeech 2019, 3667-3668.

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