Speech-Based Web Navigation for Limited Mobility Users

Vasiliy Radostev, Serge Berger, Justin Tabrizi, Pasha Kamyshev, Hisami Suzuki

We present a novel approach that introduces the strengths of voice assistants into a web browser that makes the task of web navigation a lot more accessible to all users, especially under limited mobility circumstances. Voice assistants have now been widely adopted and is providing great user experience for getting simple actions done quickly or getting a quick answer to a question. On the other hand, the benefits of voice assistants have not yet penetrated to the scenarios such as web navigation, which has so far been driven by mouse, keyboard and touch-based input only. In this paper, we demonstrate our speech-based web navigation system, and show that our system improves the completion of the web navigation task on both PC and mobile phone significantly as compared with an out-of-the-box voice assistants on this task.

Cite as: Radostev, V., Berger, S., Tabrizi, J., Kamyshev, P., Suzuki, H. (2019) Speech-Based Web Navigation for Limited Mobility Users. Proc. Interspeech 2019, 976-977.

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