Kaldi-Web: An Installation-Free, On-Device Speech Recognition System

Mathieu Hu, Laurent Pierron, Emmanuel Vincent, Denis Jouvet

Speech provides an intuitive interface to communicate with machines. Today, developers willing to implement such an interface must either rely on third-party proprietary software or become experts in speech recognition. Conversely, researchers in speech recognition wishing to demonstrate their results need to be familiar with technologies that are not relevant to their research (e.g., graphical user interface libraries). In this demo, we introduce Kaldi-web1: an open-source, cross-platform tool which bridges this gap by providing a user interface built around the online decoder of the Kaldi toolkit. Additionally, because we compile Kaldi to Web Assembly, speech recognition is performed directly in web browsers. This addresses privacy issues as no data is transmitted to the network for speech recognition.

Cite as: Hu, M., Pierron, L., Vincent, E., Jouvet, D. (2020) Kaldi-Web: An Installation-Free, On-Device Speech Recognition System. Proc. Interspeech 2020, 484-485.

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