Soapbox Labs Verification Platform for Child Speech

Amelia C. Kelly, Eleni Karamichali, Armin Saeb, Karel Veselý, Nicholas Parslow, Agape Deng, Arnaud Letondor, Robert O’Regan, Qiru Zhou

SoapBox Labs’ child speech verification platform is a service designed specifically for identifying keywords and phrases in children’s speech. Given an audio file containing children’s speech and one or more target keywords or phrases, the system will return the confidence score of recognition for the word(s) or phrase(s) within the the audio file. The confidence scores are provided at utterance level, word level and phoneme level. The service is available online through an cloud API service, or offline on Android and iOS. The platform is accurate for child speech from children as young as 3, and is robust to noisy environments. In this demonstration we show how to access the online API and give some examples of common use cases in literacy and language learning, gaming and robotics.

Cite as: Kelly, A.C., Karamichali, E., Saeb, A., Veselý, K., Parslow, N., Deng, A., Letondor, A., O’Regan, R., Zhou, Q. (2020) Soapbox Labs Verification Platform for Child Speech. Proc. Interspeech 2020, 486-487.

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