SoapBox Labs Fluency Assessment Platform for Child Speech

Amelia C. Kelly, Eleni Karamichali, Armin Saeb, Karel Veselý, Nicholas Parslow, Gloria Montoya Gomez, Agape Deng, Arnaud Letondor, Niall Mullally, Adrian Hempel, Robert O’Regan, Qiru Zhou

The SoapBox Labs Fluency API service allows the automatic assessment of a child’s reading fluency. The system uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to transcribe the child’s speech as they read a passage. The ASR output is then compared to the text of the reading passage, and the fluency algorithm returns information about the accuracy of the child’s reading attempt. In this show and tell paper we describe how the fluency cloud API is accessed and demonstrate how the fluency demo system processes an audio file, as shown in the accompanying video.

Cite as: Kelly, A.C., Karamichali, E., Saeb, A., Veselý, K., Parslow, N., Gomez, G.M., Deng, A., Letondor, A., Mullally, N., Hempel, A., O’Regan, R., Zhou, Q. (2020) SoapBox Labs Fluency Assessment Platform for Child Speech. Proc. Interspeech 2020, 488-489.

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