Management Conversational Quality Predictor

Jan Holub, Peter Pocta, Jean-Yves Monfort, Joachim Pomy

In a majority of modern networks traditional end-to-end transmission planning is no longer possible, but popular field testing in technologies such as UMTS, NGN and LTE, typically reveals only one quality component of the QoS. This paper describes an operational quality estimator developed within ETSI STF 436 project called Management Conversational Quality Predictor (MCQP) which can combine results from field trials with other impairments such as one-way delay, echo loss, type of conversation, etc. Potential areas for an extension of the designed model are outlined in a conclusion of the paper.

 DOI: 10.21437/PQS.2013-26

Cite as: Holub, J., Pocta, P., Monfort, J., Pomy, J. (2013) Management Conversational Quality Predictor. Proc. 4th International Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems (PQS 2013), 137-140, DOI: 10.21437/PQS.2013-26.

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