Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP) 2010

Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan
September 30-October 3, 2010

The Multimodal Analysis for Understanding Child Behavior Focused on Attention-Catching

Shogo Ishikawa (1), Shinya Kiriyama (2), Yoichi Takebayashi (1), Shigeyoshi Kitazawa (2)

(1) Graduate School of Science and Technology; (2) Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka University, Japan

We have developed a multimodal speech behavior corpus in order to clarify fundamental features of speech interaction. We focused on child development because children’s thinking tends to be expressed in their behavior. Utilizing the corpus, we analyzed child development of situation understanding skills focused on ”attention-catching” that has a role as a signal when communicating with other people. We formulated a hypothesis of the mental developmental process based on physical expression skills. The results of the multimodal analysis show that our method is an effective way of in-depth analysis of thinking process in ”attention-catching” behavior.

Index Terms: multimodal analysis, speech behavior corpus, child development, attention-catching

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Bibliographic reference.  Ishikawa, Shogo / Kiriyama, Shinya / Takebayashi, Yoichi / Kitazawa, Shigeyoshi (2010): "The multimodal analysis for understanding child behavior focused on attention-catching", In AVSP-2010, paper P14.