First European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Paris, France
September 27-29, 1989

What's in a Voice: A System of Regional and Social Acoustic Characteristics Based on the Analysis of 100 British English Voices

T. Shevchenko

Moscow Foreign Languages Institute, USSR

The present paper is an attempt at a systematic description of regional and social acoustic characteristics of the English Voice within the framework of one the ory and method. In a step-by-step analysis a series of experiments with natural speech were conducted with regards to the following acoustic characteristics: fundamental frequency, in tensity duration, long-term average spectrum. The result give evidence to consistent correlation between regional and social acoustic characteristics in an individual voice which may be interpreted as an interplay of two major tendencies in British English intonation, rhythm, temporal organization and voice quality variation: oral folk speech tradition and cultural formal speech tradition*The assumption is supported by the data which demonstrate F0/intensity dominance as pitch and stress indicators, different tendencies in rhythm, tempo and voice quality variation.

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Bibliographic reference.  Shevchenko, T. (1989): "What's in a voice: a system of regional and social acoustic characteristics based on the analysis of 100 british English voices", In EUROSPEECH-1989, 2131-2134.