Second European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Genova, Italy
September 24-26, 1991


Perceptual Linear Predictive (PLP) Analysis-Resynthesis Technique

Hynek Hermansky, Louis Anthony Cox Jr.

US WEST Advanced Technologies, Boulder, Colorado, USA

A technique for re-synthesis of speech from its low-dimensional PLP representation is presented. The technique is based on a speaker-dependent linear mapping from the vector of cepstral coefficients of the low-order PLP model to a vector of resonance peaks of the synthesis model. The linear mapping can be constructed from a relatively small amount of training data.

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Bibliographic reference.  Hermansky, Hynek / Anthony Cox Jr., Louis (1991): "Perceptual linear predictive (PLP) analysis-resynthesis technique", In EUROSPEECH-1991, 329-332.