Fourth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Madrid, Spain
September 18-21, 1995

Beyond NYQUIST: Towards the Recovery of Broad-Bandwidth Speech from Narrow-Bandwidth Speech

Carlos Avendano, Hynek Hermansky, Eric A. Wan

Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, Portland, OR, USA

A new technique is presented which improves the subjective quality of band-limited speech. The approach is based on a linear model of speech production, in which we independently estimate the spectral envelope and excitation function for a broad-bandwidth speech signal to reconstruct missing frequency components in narrow-bandwidth speech.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Avendano, Carlos / Hermansky, Hynek / Wan, Eric A. (1995): "Beyond NYQUIST: towards the recovery of broad-bandwidth speech from narrow-bandwidth speech", In EUROSPEECH-1995, 165-168.