Fourth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Madrid, Spain
September 18-21, 1995

Fast Match Based on Decision Tree

Claire Waast (1), Lalit Bahl (1), Marc El-Beze (2)

(1) IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA
(2) Laboratoire d'Informatique, Faculté des Sciences, Avignon, France

In a large vocabulary speech recognition system using hidden Markov models, calculating the likelihood of an acoustic signal segment for all words in the vocabulary involves a large amount of computation. We describe in this paper a scheme to rapidly obtaining an approximate acoustic match for all words in the vocabulary in such a way as to ensure that the correct word is one of a small number of words examined in detail. Using a decision tree method we obtain a matching algorithm that is much faster than common acoustic likelihood computation on all the words. This method has been tested on isolated syllables.

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Bibliographic reference.  Waast, Claire / Bahl, Lalit / El-Beze, Marc (1995): "Fast match based on decision tree", In EUROSPEECH-1995, 909-913.