Fourth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Madrid, Spain
September 18-21, 1995

Improvement, Evaluation and Testing of a Low Cost Multilingual Portable Speaking Aid for the Speech Impaired

Geza Nemeth (1), Gabor Olaszy (2), Laszlo Pataki (3), Luis Hernandez Gomez (4), Diamantino Freitas (5)

(1) Department of Telecommunications and Telematics, Technical University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
(2) Phonetics Laboratory, Linguistics Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
(3) Heim Pal Hospital, Budapest, Hungary (4) Dept. Senales Sistemas y Radiocom., ETSI Telecomunicacion, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain (5) Faculty of Engineering, CEFAT - Centre of St. of Physics, Acoustics and Telecommunications, Porto, Portugal

A PC compatible notebook based multilingual speaking aid (Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese) was improved and tested in the three respective countries. Within this framework the first Portuguese PC based TTS system was also developed. The project was partly completed within the COST219 European program. Hungarian participation was supported by the ACCORD programme (contract H 9112-0507).

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Bibliographic reference.  Nemeth, Geza / Olaszy, Gabor / Pataki, Laszlo / Hernandez Gomez, Luis / Freitas, Diamantino (1995): "Improvement, evaluation and testing of a low cost multilingual portable speaking aid for the speech impaired", In EUROSPEECH-1995, 1887-1890.