ITRW on Experimental Linguistics

Athens, Greece
August 28-30, 2006

Word Etymology in Monolingual and Bilingual Dictionaries: Lexicographers’ versus EFL Learners’ Perspectives

Zahra Awad

Department of Linguistics and Phonetics, University of Jordan, Jordan

This paper deals with the treatment of word etymology in monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. It also investigates EFL learners' attitudes towards the importance of etymology for understanding the meaning of the words they look up in dictionaries. The data were collected through tasks of looking up Arabic loan words in English in monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. The results indicate that most monolingual and bilingual dictionaries do not provide information on word etymology. They also show that most Arab EFL learners find etymology helpful in understanding the meaning of English words of Arabic origin.

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Bibliographic reference.  Awad, Zahra (2006): "Word etymology in monolingual and bilingual dictionaries: lexicographers² versus EFL learners² perspectives", In ExLing-2006, 77-80.