ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics (ExLing 2008)

Athens, Greece
August 25-27, 2008

Overspecification in aCtion-Oriented Discourse: Task Importance Affects the Production of Overspecifications and Overspecifications Increase Identification Efficiency in Perception

Anja Arts (1), Alfons Maes (1), Leo Noordman (1), Carel Jansen (2)

(1) Faculty of Humanities, Tilburg University, the Netherlands
(2) Faculty of Arts, Radboud University, the Netherlands

This paper discusses the effect of overspecified reference as a communicative strategy in action-oriented discourse. In a perception and a production experiment, based on identical instructive environments, participants were asked to identify an object after reading a minimally specified or overspecified expression, or to produce a referential expression in a low-importance or a high-importance context. Overspecification shows to be a pervasive instructive production strategy, which mostly affects the addressee’s identification task in a positive way.

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Bibliographic reference.  Arts, Anja / Maes, Alfons / Noordman, Leo / Jansen, Carel (2008): "Overspecification in action-oriented discourse: task importance affects the production of overspecifications and overspecifications increase identification efficiency in perception", In ExLing-2008, 29-32.