ExLing 2010 - Third Workshop on Experimental Linguistics

Athens, Greece
August 25-27, 2010

Acoustic Correlates of Nasopharyngeal Resonance

Marios Fourakis, Heather Karlsson, Christie Tilkens, Lawrence Shriberg

Phonology Project, Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Measurements of F1 and F2 were made for the four corner vowels produced by typically-developing adolescents and adolescents with Fragile X and Down syndromes. The two high vowels were produced with lower F2 frequencies by the Fragile X and Down syndrome groups than the group of typically developing persons. This is consistent with a hypothesized backing of the tongue.

Index Terms. F1, F2, corner vowels, Fragile X, Down syndrome

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Bibliographic reference.  Fourakis, Marios / Karlsson, Heather / Tilkens, Christie / Shriberg, Lawrence (2010): "Acoustic correlates of nasopharyngeal resonance", In ExLing-2010, 41-44.