ExLing 2010 - Third Workshop on Experimental Linguistics

Athens, Greece
August 25-27, 2010

Intonational Strategies for Backchanneling in Italian Map Task Dialogues

Michelina Savino

Department of Psychology, University of Bari, Italy; IfL-Phonetics, University of Cologne, Germany

This paper investigates intonational strategies for backchanneling in Bari Italian task-oriented dialogues. Results show that whilst giving feedback, listeners indicate their intention to take the floor or not by using a falling or rising intonation contour respectively. However, this general tendency can be reversed if added paralinguistic meanings are conveyed.

Keywords: Backchannels, Prosody, Italian language, Map Task dialogues

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Savino, Michelina (2010): "Intonational strategies for backchanneling in Italian Map Task dialogues", In ExLing-2010, 157-160.