First International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP 90)

Kobe, Japan
November 18-22, 1990

Optimisation of English Phoneme Recognition Based on HMM

Y. Ariki (1), A. M. Sutherland (2), Mervyn A. Jack (2)

(1) Ryukoku University, Seta Otsu-shi, Japan
(2) CSTR, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

This paper describes methods to improve the performance of English phoneme recognition from a linguistic view points. The methods include exploiting time duration information in hidden Markov model (HMM), intrinsic feature space for vowel and consonant recognition respectively, and finally integration of the vowel/consonant recognition results for detail phoneme recognition. As a first step toward the application of these methods, a real time continuous speech recognition system is developed whose software is running on transputer boards plugged into IBM PC.

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Bibliographic reference.  Ariki, Y. / Sutherland, A. M. / Jack, Mervyn A. (1990): "Optimisation of English phoneme recognition based on HMM", In ICSLP-1990, 369-372.