First International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP 90)

Kobe, Japan
November 18-22, 1990

Bilingual Speech Interface for a Bidirectional Machine Translation System

Jean-Pierre Tubach (1,2), Raymond Descout (2), Pierre Isabelle (2)

(1) TELECOM Paris, Signal Dept (CNRS, URA 820), France
(2) CWARC (Canadian Workplace Automation Research Center), Montreal, Canada

This paper describes the work carried out at CWARC (Canadian Workplace Automation Research Centre) (Voice Technology Group (VTG), in co-operation with the Machine Translation Group (MTG)). It investigates the use of commercially available speech technology devices for advanced human-computer interaction applications, a very important matter nowadays.

The MTG at CWARC has developed a bi-directional machine translation system, working between French and English, for meat and cattle market reports issued by Agriculture Canada. An initial speech input/output interface (IRMA) was designed for this system by the VTG, and was demonstrated successfully at the Expotec exhibition in Montreal over the summer of 1989.

The purpose of this work is to provide CRITTER with a more advanced speech input interface than that integrated in IRMA (continuous speech, multi-speaker or high-quality), using the VECSYS and XCOM MEDIA50 recognition boards. The initial project objectives dealt only with French, but the satisfactory performance of the study and its initial results showed that it was possible and desirable for English to also be included.

The result was a bi-directional (French <--> English) translation system with speech input, a "first" to the best of our knowledge.

This project offers interesting ergonomic potential for the translators' workstation project, since users can enter either the source language text for machine-aided translation by CRITTER, or the results of their "human" translation in the target language.

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Bibliographic reference.  Tubach, Jean-Pierre / Descout, Raymond / Isabelle, Pierre (1990): "Bilingual speech interface for a bidirectional machine translation system", In ICSLP-1990, 1257-1260.