Second International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP'92)

Banff, Alberta, Canada
October 13-16, 1992

Self-Organizing Map with Supervision for Speech Recognition

Franck Poirier

TELECOM Paris, Departement Signal, Paris, France

This paper proposes a new connectionist model of supervised learning called WYLINWYT map, based on Kohonen's Self Organizing Map (SOM). SOM has been early used in speech processing. It produces, by an unsupervised learning, a topological representation of the speech input space. The unsupervised learning mode is not fitted to obtain acceptable results in speech recognition. WYLINWYT shows a new learning scheme that improve speech recognition capabilities of SOM. WYLINWYT combines the advantages of a topological representation in the map space and the discriminating power of supervised learning. Phoneme recognition experiments are performed in a corpus of 200 phonetically balanced sentences. Compared to basic SOM, the proposed recognition method shows an improvement in the recognition accuracy of more than 5%.

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Bibliographic reference.  Poirier, Franck (1992): "Self-organizing map with supervision for speech recognition", In ICSLP-1992, 459-462.