Second International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP'92)

Banff, Alberta, Canada
October 13-16, 1992

Acceptability and Discrimination Threshold for Distortion of Segmental Duration in Japanese Words

Hiroaki Kato (1), Minoru Tsuzaki (1), Yoshinori Sagisaka (2)

(1) ATR Human Infomation Processing Research Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan
(2) ATR Interpreting Telephony Research Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan

Acceptability of temporal naturalness and temporal discrimination threshold were measured for various vowel segments in isolated words by modifying original segmental durations. A large size perceptual experiment using 1462 stimuli of 70 segments revealed that word acceptability is affected by the segment attributes and context such as vowel color, position in a word and, accent. An additional experiment showed that the above factors also affect discrimination threshold consistently.

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Bibliographic reference.  Kato, Hiroaki / Tsuzaki, Minoru / Sagisaka, Yoshinori (1992): "Acceptability and discrimination threshold for distortion of segmental duration in Japanese words", In ICSLP-1992, 507-510.