Second International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP'92)

Banff, Alberta, Canada
October 13-16, 1992

Evaluating the Prosody of Synthesized Utterances Within a Dialogue System

Jill House (1), Nick Youd (2)

(1) Dept of Phonetics & Linguistics, University College London, London, UK
(2) Logica Cambridge Ltd, Betjeman House, Cambridge, UK

An experiment was carried out to evaluate the acceptability of different prosodic algorithms for synthetic speech in contexts appropriate to a dialogue information service. The results suggest that there may be a significant advantage in using an enriched representation to guide the prosody of the synthesized output, to supplement text-to-speech rules. Annotations on the text string encode contextual information, and are designed to be passed on to the synthesizer by an automatic language generator.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  House, Jill / Youd, Nick (1992): "Evaluating the prosody of synthesized utterances within a dialogue system", In ICSLP-1992, 1175-1178.