Second International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP'92)

Banff, Alberta, Canada
October 13-16, 1992

Vocal Cord Vibration During Consonants - High-speed Digital Imaging Using a Fiberscope

Shigeru Kiritani, H. Imagawa, Hajime Hirose

RILR Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

In order to observe vocal cord vibration during running speech, a new system of high-speed digital imaging was developed. The system consists of a fiberscope, a CCD image sensor and a digital image memory. The number of pixels is 128x32 and the frame rate is 2000 frames/sec. A special large size image memory (64Mbyte) was constructed which enables data recording for 6 seconds utterance. By using the system, analysis of vocal cord vibrations during the release of /h/ and /s/ were conducted. For /h/, vibration starts with wider separation of vocal cords. Adductive movement of the glottis continues over several pitch periods during the following vowel and there is a corresponding change in the voice source spectrum which are estimated through inverse filtering of the speech wave.

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Bibliographic reference.  Kiritani, Shigeru / Imagawa, H. / Hirose, Hajime (1992): "Vocal cord vibration during consonants - high-speed digital imaging using a fiberscope", In ICSLP-1992, 1661-1664.