Third International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP 94)

Yokohama, Japan
September 18-22, 1994

An HMM Duration Control Algorithm with a Low Computational Cost

Satoshi Takahashi, Yasuhiro Minami, Kiyohiro Shikano

NTT Human Interface Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan

This paper proposes a new duration control algorithm for limiting both the maximum and the minimum state durations in an HMM trellis likelihood calculation. The amount of computation required by this algorithm is only order zero (O(0)) for the maximum state duration; that is, the computation amount is independent of the maximum state duration. Thus, the algorithm can drastically reduce the computation needed for duration control. The algorithm was evaluated using a large-vocabulary speaker-independent speech recognition system for telephone directory assistance. The average error reduction rates were about 6-7% in the sentence understanding error for the continuous word utterance mode and the spontaneous utterance mode.

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Bibliographic reference.  Takahashi, Satoshi / Minami, Yasuhiro / Shikano, Kiyohiro (1994): "An HMM duration control algorithm with a low computational cost", In ICSLP-1994, 267-270.