Third International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP 94)

Yokohama, Japan
September 18-22, 1994

A Duration Study of Speech Vowels Produced in Noise

Jean-Claude Junqua

Speech Technology Laboratory, Panasonic Technologies Inc., California, USA

In this paper we present a duration study for vowels produced in several noisy and non-noisy conditions in a "s-s" context. While confirming results from earlier work, such as a vowel duration increase when vowels are produced in noise, we also found that the type of noise influences vowel duration. While the type of masking noise affects the vowel duration it does not affect the duration of the preceding "s" consonant. This result does not hold for articulated speech, which lengthens the duration of the preceding "s" consonant compared to the quiet speech case while providing the larger vowel duration increase among the different speaking styles studied.

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Bibliographic reference.  Junqua, Jean-Claude (1994): "A duration study of speech vowels produced in noise", In ICSLP-1994, 419-422.