Third International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP 94)

Yokohama, Japan
September 18-22, 1994

Applications of Speech Recognition Technology in Telecommunications

Jay G. Wilpon, David B. Roe

AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, USA

As the telecommunications industry evolves over the next decade to provide the products and services that people will desire, several key technologies will become commonplace. Two of these, automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis, will provide users more freedom on when, where and how they access information. While these technologies are currently in their infancy, their capabilities are rapidly increasing and their deployment in today's telephone network is expanding. The economic impact of just one application, automation of operator services, is well over $100 million per year. Yet, there still are many technical challenges that must be resolved before these technologies can be deployed ubiquitously in products and services through-out the wordwide telephone network. The current and future applications of speech recognition in the telecommunications industry will be examined in terms of their strengths, limitations and the degree to which user needs have been or have yet to be met.

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Bibliographic reference.  Wilpon, Jay G. / Roe, David B. (1994): "Applications of speech recognition technology in telecommunications", In ICSLP-1994, 667-670.