Ninth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
September 17-21, 2006

Comparison of Slovak and Czech Speech Recognition Based on Grapheme and Phoneme Acoustic Models

Slavomír Lihan, Jozef Juhár, Anton Cizmár

Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic

Grapheme based mono-, cross- and bilingual speech recognition of Czech and Slovak is presented in the paper. The training and testing procedures follow the MASPER initiative that was formed as a part of the COST 278 Action. All experiments were performed using Czech and Slovak SpeechDat-E databases. Grapheme-based models gave equivalent recognition performance compared to phoneme-based models in monolingual as well as bilingual case. Moreover bilingual SK-CZ speech recognition is equivalent to monolingual recognition, which indicates the possibility to share Czech and Slovak speech data for training bilingual grapheme-based acoustic models usable for recognition of Slovak as well as Czech. Also the promising results confirmed the presumption, that languages with a close graphemeto- phoneme relation are well suited for grapheme-based speech recognition.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Lihan, Slavomír / Juhár, Jozef / Cizmár, Anton (2006): "Comparison of Slovak and Czech speech recognition based on grapheme and phoneme acoustic models", In INTERSPEECH-2006, paper 1462-Mon1BuP.12.