ISCA Archive Interspeech 2013
ISCA Archive Interspeech 2013

Embedding speech recognition to control lights

Alessandro Sosi, Fabio Brugnara, Luca Cristoforetti, Marco Matassoni, Mirco Ravanelli, Maurizio Omologo

This demo demonstrates a small and portable system embedding microphone array processing and robust speech recognition for distant-speech interaction to control a floor lamp. The system is entirely contained inside the lamp and operates in real-time, "always-listening" mode. It runs on a small, low-power, fanless board and acts as the light control interface. The prototype shows the feasibility, potential and limits of the integration of speech technology in devices of everyday use.

Cite as: Sosi, A., Brugnara, F., Cristoforetti, L., Matassoni, M., Ravanelli, M., Omologo, M. (2013) Embedding speech recognition to control lights. Proc. Interspeech 2013, 759-760

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