Second International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 2001)

Florence, Italy
September 13-15, 2001

Rising Shift of Pitch Frequency in the Infant Cry of some Pathologic Cases

Daniel I. Escobedo Beceiro (1), Sergio D. Cano Ortiz (2), Eddy Coello Frometa (3), Luis Regüeiferos Prego (4), Leonardo Capdevila Bravo (5)

(1) Center of Applied Linguistics, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Santiago de Cuba
(2) Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Voice Processing Group, University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba
(3) Voice Processing Group, University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba
(4) Neonatology Service, Southern Maternity Hospital, Santiago de Cuba
(5) Neonatology Service, General Hospital of Santiago, Santiago de Cuba

In this paper is described the procedure employed in order to obtain the Fundamental Frequency or Pitch of the Infant Cry Signal of 11 cases (children) with different pathologies. A sample of the normal behavior pattern of the pitch as a reference case is included. This paper presents a way to get the Rising Shifts of Pitch Frequency (RSPF), besides others features of it. The result obtained shows certain coincidence of this shifts with the existence of this phenomenon in pathological cases, this is an important aspect that can be considered in the design of tools for help to diagnose in the infant cry.
   In the software and hardware of this work is remarkable the use of the PCVOX program and the VISHA electronic card both products made in Spain, the BPVOZ program made by us (Voice Processing Group), besides of the IBM Microcomputer or Compatible. The short-time analysis and different programming language are used for the signal processing, for example: C++ in the program for the found and counter of the shift frequency.
   This work was developed by members of the Voice Processing Group of the University of Oriente joined to the specialists of the Southern Maternity Hospital and General Hospital of Santiago, all entities of Santiago de Cuba.

Index Terms. Pitch; Fundamental frequency; Rising shifts of pitch; Shift frequency; Infant cry analysis; Voice processing

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Bibliographic reference.  Escobedo Beceiro, Daniel I. / Cano Ortiz, Sergio D. / Coello Frometa, Eddy / Regüeiferos Prego, Luis / Capdevila Bravo, Leonardo (2001): "Rising shift of pitch frequency in the infant cry of some pathologic cases", In MAVEBA-2001, 84-90.