Third International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 2003)

Florence, Italy
December 10-12, 2003

Distinguishing and Recognition of Pathological Speech Based on Estimation of Control Parameter of Chaotic Attractor

A. M. Krot (1), H. B. Minervina (1), P. P. Tkachova (2)

(1) United Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus
(2) Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus

This paper investigates the approach for revealing pathological speech signal based on estimating specific geometric structure of Lorenz attractor in a chaotic regime. Analysis of the Lorenz attractor on the basis of proposed nonlinear decomposition into matrix series is developed. This analysis permits to estimate the values of characteristic parameters (including control one) of Lorenz attractors and predict their evolution in time. This paper shows that estimation of control parameter of Lorenz attractor in the chaotic regime permits to distinguish even very similar speech signals.

Index Terms. pathological speech signal, attractor, matrix decomposition

Full Paper (reprinted with permission from Firenze University Press)

Bibliographic reference.  Krot, A. M. / Minervina, H. B. / Tkachova, P. P. (2003): "Distinguishing and recognition of pathological speech based on estimation of control parameter of chaotic attractor", In MAVEBA-2003, 111-114.