Fifth International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 2007)

Florence, Italy
December 13-15, 2007

Using Nonverbal Communication in Dialog System

Jana Klečková, Jana Krutišová

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Pilsen, Czech Republic

The work presented in this paper was supported by the project number 2C06009. Verbal communication is the most obvious instrument used to express our thoughts and ideas, considering only this part of speech without regarding its nonverbal part, may lead to overlooking important information of utterance or even misunderstanding it. The contributed paper deals with use of automatic system for recognition of facial expressions which have been being created for the Czech dialog system.
Index Terms. Face detection, feature extraction

Full Paper (reprinted with permission from Firenze University Press)

Bibliographic reference.  Klečková, Jana / Krutišová, Jana (2007): "Using nonverbal communication in dialog system", In MAVEBA-2007, 83-84.