7th International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 2011)

Florence, Italy
August 25-27, 2011

Automated Tools for Identifying Syllabic Landmark Clusters that Reflect Changes in Articulation

Suzanne Boyce (1), Harriet Fell (2), Lorin Wilde (3), Joel MacAuslan (3)

(1) University of Cincinnati, OH, USA; (2) Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA; (3) Speech Technology and Applied Research, Bedford MA, USA

We have developed a set of software tools to detect articulatory changes in the production of syllabic units based on acoustic landmark detection and classification. results from the application of this automatic analysis system to studies of parkinson's disease and sleep deprivation show the ability to detect subtle change. We are making these tools available as add-ons to systems such as Wavesurfer and R.

Index Terms. speech-acoustic landmarks, syllabic landmark cluster, automatic vocalization processing

Full Paper (reprinted with permission from Firenze University Press)

Bibliographic reference.  Boyce, Suzanne / Fell, Harriet / Wilde, Lorin / MacAuslan, Joel (2011): "Automated tools for identifying syllabic landmark clusters that reflect changes in articulation", In MAVEBA-2011, 63-66.