Speech Prosody 2002

Aix-en-Provence, France
April 11-13, 2002

Discourse Marking in French: C Accents and Discourse Moves

J. M. Marandin (1), Claire Beyssade (2), Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie (3), A. Rialland (4)

(1) CNRS, UMR 7110/LLF, Université de Paris 7, France
(2) Université de Paris 3, UMR 7110/LLF, France
(3) CNRS, UMR 5610/ERSS, Université de Toulouse 2, France
(4) CNRS, UMR 7018/ILPGA, Université de Paris 3, France

It is currently assumed that the prosodic realization of utterances is sensitive to the Ground/ Focus articulation. However, the discourse thematic organization also plays a crucial role : in German and English, a specific category of pitch accent does play a role in marking discourse move (see [1] and the analysis of B accents in [2]). In this paper, we investigate how discourse moves are expressed in French, in particular prosodically.


  1. Lambrecht, K., 1994. Information structure and sentence form : Topic, focus and the mental representations of discourse referents. Cambridge studies in Linguistics 71, Cambridge University Press.
  2. Büring, D., 1998. Focus and Topic in a complex model of Discourse. Ms. Büring’s website.

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Bibliographic reference.  Marandin, J. M. / Beyssade, Claire / Delais-Roussarie, Elisabeth / Rialland, A. (2002): "Discourse marking in French: C accents and discourse moves", In SP-2002, 471-474.