Speech Prosody 2002

Aix-en-Provence, France
April 11-13, 2002

Expression et Reconnaissance de Onze Attitudes Assertives et Interrogatives en Persan Standard

Olivier Piot, Mehdi Lyaghat

Université Paris III, CNRS UPRESA 7018, France

This is a study of the way emotional and cognitive attitudes may be expressed by prosody in standard Persian. Six assertive and five interrogative attitudes were produced on target words included in a short sentence. These target words were chosen on the basis of a cross-variation of both place of accent and word length. The great variability of contours thus obtained were quite highly recognized by native subjects. This study thus shows how some currently used attitudes may be expressed in Persian so as to be robustly recognized, and also sheds some light on the controversial issue of the phonetics of accent in this language.
Note: The body of this paper is written in French.

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Bibliographic reference.  Piot, Olivier / Lyaghat, Mehdi (2002): "Expression et reconnaissance de onze attitudes assertives et interrogatives en persan standard", In SP-2002, 575-578.