Speech Prosody 2004

Nara, Japan
March 23-26, 2004

Perceptual Inspection of V-V Juncture in Japanese

Shigeyoshi Kitazawa, Shinya Kiriyama, Toshihiko Itoh, Yukinori Toyama

Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Information, Shizuoka University, Japan

We examined the subject of phrase boundary determined through evaluation of disjuncture in a Japanese prosodic database. In normal fluent speech, not only word boundaries but also phrase boundaries are obscured. Such phenomena are called internal open junctures, i.e. boundaries between phrases without pause, which is one of four aspects of prosody. We investigated V-V juncture through J-ToBI labeling and listening to whole phrases to estimate degree of discontinuity and to determine the exact boundary between two phrases if possible. Different levels of discontinuities were found in various levels of junctures of phrases. Appropriate boundaries were found in most cases including some overlaps. The test materials are taken from the "Japanese MULTEXT", containing read and spontaneous speech by three male speakers and three female speakers in Tokyo dialect.

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Audio Examples
  a-a e-e i-i o-o u-u
  Original   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  after1_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  after1_before   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  after2_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  after2_before   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  after3_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  after3_before   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  after4_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  after4_before   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  after5_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  after5_before   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  before1_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  before1_before   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  before2_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  before2_before   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  before3_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  before3_before   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  before4_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  before4_before   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  before5_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  before5_before     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  just_after   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  
  just_before   WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV     WAV  

Bibliographic reference.  Kitazawa, Shigeyoshi / Kiriyama, Shinya / Itoh, Toshihiko / Toyama, Yukinori (2004): "Perceptual inspection of v-v juncture in Japanese", In SP-2004, 349-352.