Speech Prosody 2004

Nara, Japan
March 23-26, 2004

A Measurement from Electroglottography: DECPA, and its Application in Prosody

Alexis Michaud

Laboratoire Phonétique et Phonologie (UMR 7018) CNRS/ Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, France

The present study, drawing on recent research on the use of the derivative of electroglottographic signals, applies to the study of intonation a parameter called DECPA, "Derivative- EGG Closure Peak Amplitude": the amplitude of the peak on the derivative of the EGG signal at glottal closure. A pilot study comparing DECPA, F0, global intensity and open quotient (in data from tone languages) suggests that DECPA correlates with pragmatic emphasis (accent). The uses and limitations of this measurement are discussed in relation to the general issue of the measurement of harmonic richness.

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Sound Examples (for explanations, see appendix in the full paper):
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Bibliographic reference.  Michaud, Alexis (2004): "A measurement from electroglottography: DECPA, and its application in prosody", In SP-2004, 633-636.