Speech Prosody 2006

Dresden, Germany
May 2-5, 2006

F0 and Segment Duration in Formant Synthesis of Speaker Age

Susanne Schötz

Linguistics and Phonetics, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Sweden

This paper describes the work with F0 and segment duration when developing a prototype system for analysis of speaker age using data-driven formant synthesis. The system was developed to extract 23 parameters from the test words - spoken by four differently aged female speakers of the same dialect and family - and to generate synthetic copies. Audio-visual feedback enabled the user to compare the natural and synthetic versions and facilitated parameter adjustment. Next, weighted linear interpolation was used in a first crude attempt to synthesize speaker age. Evaluation of the system revealed its strengths and weaknesses, and suggested further improvements. F0 and duration performed better than most other parameters.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Schötz, Susanne (2006): "F0 and segment duration in formant synthesis of speaker age", In SP-2006, paper 056.