Speech Prosody 2006

Dresden, Germany
May 2-5, 2006

Tone Ratios Combined with F0 Register in Cantonese as Speaker-Dependent Characteristic

Yujia Li

Department of Electronic Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

F0 is considered to provide speaker-specific information in some extent. Based on the widely agreement that extrinsic F0 is helpful for speaker identity, this paper investigates the possibility of making use of both extrinsic and intrinsic features of Cantonese tone system as speaker-dependent characteristic. Considering the special characteristic of Cantonese tone system, relative tone ratios and F0 register are proposed to model the tone systems generated by different speakers. The investigation is carried out over both recognition and analysis. The results primarily show the potential of implementing such features on speaker characterization.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Li, Yujia (2006): "Tone ratios combined with F0 register in Cantonese as speaker-dependent characteristic", In SP-2006, paper 206.