Speech Prosody 2006

Dresden, Germany
May 2-5, 2006

Interpretation - Perception - Analysis

Marie Dohalská-Zichová, Radka Skardová

Institute of Phonetics, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

The aim of this experiment was to prove via perception tests, in what way two groups of phoneticians (i.e. the French phoneticians and Czech phoneticians with proficient knowledge of French) and two control-groups of nonphoneticians (i.e. the French and Czechs with proficient knowledge of French) of listeners perceive the differences in the individual prosodic demonstration of two types of artistic interpretations of the poem "Mon rêve familier" by P. Verlaine. At the same time our task was to compare and contrast subjective perceptual levels with objective measurements of F0, intensity and time values conducted in the Praat program. Furthermore, to establish what importance each of these values; the different mother tongues and the specific linguistic means within them, have on influencing the overall perceptual evaluation. If we take into account the fractional representation and the importance of individual values for the accent´s perception, then we can conclude that both the French and Czechs consider the T value as the crucial value. However, the second place in terms of importance of values differs - for Czechs it is intensity followed by frequency (i.e. the pattern is T-I-F0); on the contrary, for the French the pattern is T-F0-I, on second place being frequency followed by intensity.

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Bibliographic reference.  Dohalská-Zichová, Marie / Skardová, Radka (2006): "Interpretation - perception - analysis", In SP-2006, paper 215.