Speech Prosody 2008

Campinas, Brazil
May 6-9, 2008

ProsoReport: an Automatic Tool for Prosodic Description: Application to a Radio Style

J.-Ph. Goldman (1,3), A. Auchlin (1), Mathieu Avanzi (2), A. C. Simon (3)

(1) Department of Linguistic, Geneva University, Switzerland
(2) Institut de Philologie Romane et de Linguistique Française, Neuchâtel University, Switzerland
(3) Département d’Études romanes, UCLouvain, Belgium
(3) Département d’Études romanes, UCLouvain, Belgium

The paper has two goals: to present a toolbox for prosodic and phonostylistic description, and to use it for studying a specific radio style. This tool is quasi-automatic and modular. It consists of a set of Praat-based scripts like phonetic segmentation, melodic stylisation and prominence detection. It produces a phonostylistic report - called ProsoReport - on the basis of an audio file and optionally an orthographic transcript. The tool is used here to identify phonostylistic properties of French public radio France Info features (hence FIF; chroniques radiophoniques): three two-minute-long recordings are compared with a plain neutral reading of the same texts. Results confirm our initial hypotheses about FIF phonostylistic distinctive characteristics - leaving questions open to further study.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Goldman, J.-Ph. / Auchlin, A. / Avanzi, Mathieu / Simon, A. C. (2008): "prosoreport: an automatic tool for prosodic description: application to a radio style", In SP-2008, 701-704.