Speech Prosody 2010

Chicago, IL, USA
May 10-14, 2010

Laryngealizations in Cleft and Non-Cleft Speech: Acoustics and Prosodic Considerations

Aveliny Mantovan Lima-Gregio, Plínio A. Barbosa

Speech Prosody Studies Group, State University of Campinas, Brazil

This paper describes laryngealizations in vowels in the speech of individuals with (TG) and without cleft palate (CG). The relation of prosodic boundary to frequency and extension of laryngealizations is investigated. Three repetitions of the reading of a text by ten male adults who composed TG and CG are considered for analysis. The results reveal: higher frequency of laryngealization in the region of a prosodic boundary than outside this region for CG; consistent drop of intensity in the laryngealized vowel segment in CG and TG; higher jitter in CG and TG; superior f0 perturbation in TG.

Index Terms: cleft palate, laryngealization, glottalization

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Bibliographic reference.  Lima-Gregio, Aveliny Mantovan / Barbosa, Plínio A. (2010): "Laryngealizations in cleft and non-cleft speech: acoustics and prosodic considerations", In SP-2010, paper 112.