Speech Prosody 2012

Shanghai, China
May 22-25, 2012

Sport in the Media: A Contrasted Study of Three Sport Live Media Reports with Semi-Automatic Tools

Stéphanie Audrit (1), Tea Pršir (2,3), Antoine Auchlin (3), Jean-Philippe Goldman (3)

(1) CENTAL, UCLouvain, Belgium; (2) VALIBEL, UCLouvain, Belgium
(3) Department of Linguistics, University of Geneva, Switzerland

This communication presents a phonostylistic description of sport live media reports, contrasting three different sports, basketball, football ('soccer') and rugby. It is based on 12- minute long recordings for each sport. The corpus is aligned at a phone level with EasyAlign, and manually annotated for the type of event in the game. It is analyzed with ProsoReport and ProsoDyn tools, a set of Praat scripts that aims at detecting in a dynamic way macro-prosodic “ambiance changes” in speech, based on robust relativized prosodic measures (F0, duration, intensity). Dynamic macro-prosodic contrasts between sports show their specificity, as well as what their family resemblance rests on, as contrasted to another speech genre (reading aloud). At the same time, this communication evaluates the semi-automatic ProsoDyn toolkit's robustness on noisy data such as sport live report.

Index Terms: sport live report; phono-genre prosody; phonostylistic dynamic description; semi-automatic prosodic description tools

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Bibliographic reference.  Audrit, Stéphanie / Pršir, Tea / Auchlin, Antoine / Goldman, Jean-Philippe (2012): "Sport in the media: a contrasted study of three sport live media reports with semi-automatic tools", In SP-2012, 127-130.