Speech Prosody 2012

Shanghai, China
May 22-25, 2012

Prosodic Boundaries and Prosodic Word in Chengdu Dialect: a Durational Perspective

Zuxuan Qin

School of Foreign Languages, Tongji University, China

This paper will present a study on the prosodic structure of Chengdu Dialect (CD) spoken in Chengdu, capital city of southwest China's Sichuan province. First, we will distinguish different levels of prosodic boundary of CD through perception. Second, we will examine the acoustic manifestation of these boundaries and Prosodic Word from the durational perspective. Finally, we discuss the role of duration in marking prosodic boundaries and determining tone sandhi patterns in CD. Our analysis suggests that listeners might be able to distinguish different levels of prosodic boundaries by attending to the duration of pause and syllables adjacent to them, and that the duration pattern of PW is closely related to tone sandhi patterns in CD.

Index Terms: Chengdu dialect, prosodic word, prosodic boundaries

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Bibliographic reference.  Qin, Zuxuan (2012): "Prosodic boundaries and prosodic word in Chengdu dialect: a durational perspective", In SP-2012, 595-598.