Speech Prosody 2012

Shanghai, China
May 22-25, 2012

Prosodic Analysis of Brazilian Portuguese Attitudes

Albert Rilliard (1), João Antônio de Moraes (2), Donna Erickson (3), Takaaki Shochi (4)

(1) LIMSI-CNRS, France; (2) Laboratório de Fonética Acústica, FL/UFRJ/CNPq, Brazil
(3) Showa Music University, Japan; (4) University Bordeaux 3, France

This paper presents the prosodic analysis of a corpus of Brazilian Portuguese attitudes. Attitudes are separated between the social and propositional categories, and performed either with an assertive or an interrogative modality. Previous studies show the particular relevance of prosodic cues for propositional attitudes, while visual cues are more relevant for social ones. This paper shows that this greater relevance of prosody for propositional attitudes is also observed on the prosodic parameters' variations – and enhance particularly the clearly different and prototypical F0 contours that distinguished such expressions. The importance of lexical stress on the contour is emphasized, strengthening the global coherence of the speaker's prosodic strategies.

Index Terms: prosodic attitudes, Brazilian Portuguese

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Bibliographic reference.  Rilliard, Albert / Moraes, João Antônio de / Erickson, Donna / Shochi, Takaaki (2012): "Prosodic analysis of Brazilian Portuguese attitudes", In SP-2012, 677-680.